Hi. My name is Maria Iodntys.

This site is designed to deal with various products conceived to improve your internet marketing skills. It will hold mainly reviews, comments, multiple presentations of courses, software, platforms, even learning sites where webmasters and/or affiliates would find their help in making money on the internet.

I know: one more blog and/or site dealing with Making Money Online as if the myriads out there wouldn’t suffice.

Yes, it’s true. However, as I was a beginner myself not so long ago, my purpose here is to present some products I’ve myself used, which suited my beginner’s needs entirely or partially.

Please, visit my Youtube Channel. I’ll insert here the trailer. Although it is not very sophisticated, I hope you will like it! I did my best for the time being.

If this is the case, please, give me a thumbs up!, share my video(s) and subscribe to my channel! Thank You!

The big, big names in the industry receive zillions of reviews and pay (or don’t pay if you don’t market correctly and effectively) zillions.

The smaller names are however designed with lower resources, lower complexity, lower sophistication as the newbie doesn’t need all the bells and whistles from the very beginning.

As far as I know, there are not so many reviews or comments out there, in the wild, I mean on Youtube or else although many many newbies in the make money online niche as well as in a variety of other niches used those products or at least inquired about them.

Well, seen from this perspective, I hope that my channel would be of some interest as it will target such useful but not blockbuster products.