Udimi - best solo ads on the market!

The purpose of this short video is to improve the results you would get for your money when you buy solo ads. As is well known, the best platform out there, on the market, for solo ads is Udimi.

Let’s start with a general presentation as, possibly, not every viewer is familiarized with solo ads and traffic from email marketing and the Udimi platform. When it comes to traffic, you mainly need THREE things: Quality, Quantity, and Targeted. The traffic from solo ads checks out on all three parameters & you need to know how to use solo ads traffic with Udimi. Not all traffic is equal. Even more, it’s not just about traffic. Your landing page matters.

Your offer matters: copywriting, trust, and proof matter. Email marketing is the one thing that ties up your marketing because it’s still got one of the highest return on investment. And that said if it is compared with every other marketing strategy.

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How To Use Solo Ads. Udimi Solo Ads

Udimi - best solo ads out there on the market

How To Use Solo Ads. Udimi Solo Ads. Tips & Tricks. Well, let me show you now one of my tips & tricks to improve the results from the solo ad campaigns.

One of my best tricks when using solo ads on Udimi is to direct the leads to a particular bridge and opt-in page. In this dual-purpose page, I’ve inserted a Youtube video, made by me, for one of my Youtube channels.


The purpose of this strategy is multiple, as you shall see for yourselves.

First, this page is much more appealing as the video pages are proven, in various split tests, to get much better results than more straightforward pages.

Second, if the viewer watches my video, this improves considerably my Youtube statistics and, hence, the general audience of my channel.

Third, embedding a Youtube video is beneficial both for the domain authority of my site and for the authority of my Youtube channel. Interacting with these bridge pages would better them both which – as it is self-evident – would serve to search engine optimizations for both my domain and my channel.

Well, let’s see now what happens next and how to use solo ads, tips & tricks with Udimi. The viewer has several options, and we shall examine them one by one in the video. In another video, I will speak about using a chatbot, for the same purposes. Stay tuned.

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